Sten Nordland editing The Man From The Special Forces manuscript


Welcome to the website and the fascinating life of the Swedish, International author Sten Nordland - author of both fiction and non-fiction.

 The former businessman Sten Nordland has authored  two action-suspense novels about the total collapse of The Adolf Hitler Empire; Hitler's Son and The Man From The Special Forces – The Rosenberg Legacy and The Man From The Special Forces Part 2: Crocodile Hunger.

 Sten Nordland has also created the uncompromising gangland thriller; Al Capone, Johnny Torrio and Virginia - Dangerous Angel; an outstanding family saga during the Prohibition era in Chicago that keeps you awake at night.

 The charismatic author, Sten Nordland, has a degree in Economics and Statistics from the University of Stockholm.  He is a qualified statistician, who also has two non-fiction books about Roulette to his credit.


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